Annnnd We're Off, Random Dude Walks Into The Office Un-Announced To Tell Us About His "Viral" Facebook Video

I guess this is the start of it. 3 quick lessons we learned here.

1. We need a LOT better of a doorman.

2. If you do this you won’t get your video on Barstool, in fact the opposite will happen, you’ll probably get made fun of and we’ll all think it’s really weird that you thought this was in any way a normal thing to do.

3. The kid, as much as I’m creeped out by him, has balls. I’ll give him that much. He has balls. But yeah, don’t do this, please guys, don’t do this.


I saw a couple people say I was being mean to him. On what planet is walking into an office unannounced to pitch your video to a bunch of strangers normal? I feel like that’s not a warm and fuzzy situation. If anything I was nice. If Big Brother Dave Portnoy was here this kid’s face, social security number, and home address would already be blasted out there for the world to see.