After a tumultuous first season of rec league ball, the Barstool New York basketball team gathered together to run it back for another season. We knew some changes had to be made after our heartbreaking loss in the playoffs last year, so we took a look at the rest of the office to see who we could add.

The first obvious answer was Bosco. Not only does Bosco move the needle, he actually knows how to play basketball. On a team full of people that have never heard of a back screen, Bosco can't backscreen enough. He takes charges (questionable in men's league but we love when it's on our team), he calls plays, and he has the intangibles to help take this team to the next level. 

We also added Tommy Smokes who will add virtually nothing expect being a locker room cancer. It's a real high risk, low ceiling transaction that will surely drive Coach Klemmer into a wall. But Tommy's my friend so we welcomed him with open arms.

We also added Jenks, Gia, and Jack Mac to our already large roster, so surely nobody will complain about minutes or how Coach K handles the rotation.

Enjoy the episode, and be on the lookout for episode 2 next week. Thank you to Zog Sports for hosting us and allowing us to film the games. They're an awesome league and great for anyone in NYC looking for some good competition.