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Rutgers Hero Eric LeGrand Inspires Frank The Tank At SHI Stadium | Episode 15 presented by BODYARMOR

On October 16, 2010, Eric LeGrand's life changed forever. While covering a kickoff for Rutgers, LeGrand suffered a severe spinal cord injury. LeGrand was one of Rutgers' top defensive players when he slammed into Army's kick returner Malcolm Brown. The collision left Eric LeGrand paralyzed from the neck down. Instead of lamenting his injuries, LeGrand took it as a challenge and has become an inspiration for Rutgers and spinal injury recovery. Initially unable to breathe on his own, LeGrand worked tirelessly to rehab and eventually got off the ventilator and regained movement in his shoulders. Over the past decade, Eric LeGrand has become a force for Rutgers, as his #52 hangs over SHI Stadium. That is where we walked and talked about the optimism and belief that Eric LeGrand will one day rise from his wheelchair and walk again. Today, Eric LeGrand works for Rutgers Radio and has his own coffee and whisky brands. Both of which help raise money for spinal injury research.