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Barstool New York Assembles It's Basketball Team - Barstool Basketball Documentary Series Episode One

This fall, Barstool New York got together some of it's least athletic, most washed up employees and decided to join a competitive basketball league in New York City. While most of us had never played basketball together and had zero idea what to expect from each other, we knew we had to do it for content's sake. What ensued was a chaotic couple months of basketball filled with ups and downs, fighting and finger pointing, and a crazy ending to the season. I'm very happy to combine two of the things I love (basketball and editing documentaries) into this project and I think you'll all enjoy it. Even if you hate Marty Mush, it's still a good watch. 

I won't go too much into detail about what to expect so you can just watch and enjoy, but the first episode will introduce you to the team, some game planning and our first game. There will be four episodes to show you just how unathletic we truly are and I'm very proud of this series so please give it a watch. Thank you to Zog Sports for allowing us to film the games and to the wonderful refs we had all season!