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This Penn State Tailgate DESPISES Jim Harbaugh

This video is presented by the one and only FIREBALL WHISKY. Thank you to Fireball for sponsoring these videos and allowing us to spread the good gospel of Fireball Whisky at these tailgates. 

On the fourth installment of Tailgaming With Balls And Beers, we took a road trip down to State College to see the extremely newsworthy Michigan Wolverines take on Penn State. We had a plethora of questions for both fanbases and I'm pretty sure some Penn State fans were actually convinced that Jim Harbaugh's sign stealing scandal is the worst thing to happen in the past twenty years of college football. 

This was a very salt of the earth, blue collar tailgate and I saw a twinkle in Glenny's eyes every time I saw him roaming around with Penn State fans. They offered us a thousand drinks and kept things extremely lively the entire time. The amount of Fireball we saw at the tailgate was also astounding. Overall, probably my favorite tailgate we've been to on this tour.

This weekend on the final episode of Tailgaming, me and Nicky Clicky are heading to Knoxville to see the Vols take on the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. If you see us and want to get something off your chest or just want to enjoy some Fireball, come say what's up. Don't be afraid to check out the first three episodes in the mean time.





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