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Are You A Bart Or An Onion?

Last night the talk of the Twittersphere was if people were a Bart or an Onion. What may seem like a non-sensical question had people going to war online. There doesn't appear to be a ton of logic/reason behind it, however, the #BartArmy was strong, posting lots of Pro-Bart propoganda with Bart Simpson as their avatar/leader. Typically the avatar's would be customized to that user's interests.

However the Onion gang was strong too and had plenty of backers themselves. Many of which donned wild onion-based avatars. So where do you fall?

We asked The Yak and we had a fairly split room.

Mark Titus was the one that stood up for team Onion, but his mentions are now a dumpster fire thanks to the #BartArmy. So was it really worth it?

Additionally, we found out Brandon Walker lived up to his surname and strolled his face right into a glass door today.

Catch today's full Yak and be sure to sound off in the comments if you're a Bart or an Onion.