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The Tush Push Should Be Outlawed For The Future Of The NFL

People are mad online because of a take I had last night during the Bucs vs. Eagles stream. The Eagles had converted several short yardage plays and I got triggered.

Now I can understand why 31 teams' fans would be upset about this. But Eagles fans? Keep chewing that Pardon My Cheesesteak and keep those mouths shut! Y'all were the same fanbase that gave a roaring ovation for when Michael Irvin got hurt!

JoshReynolds24, not the Lions WR, but some Birds fan who has zero knowledge of this history of his own team was confused by this and deleted his response admitting so like the twerp he is.

Now I understand this is a bad take and you shouldn't wish injury upon anyone. It's an unspoken line that I've crossed. It's nothing against the Eagles or even Jalen Hurts. I just think the play as a whole should be outlawed from the game to preserve the future of pro football.

I love football. A lot. It is a big part of my life. The Tush Push is a rugby play that can get a lot of guys hurt. It's not a QB sneak. It's a QB sneak with three guys pushing the ballcarrier from behind. That's not football. I don't want to see the NFL become Rugby. And if you don't think if this stays a legal play that the NFL will just become a body builder who can squat 1,000 lbs. coming in for 3rd & 1 and 4th & short with three guys pushing him from behind you are blind. BLIND! 

I'm taking this stance to save the game of football and if you don't agree you're a shortsighted Eagles fan. But congrats on the Eagles win.

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