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Giovani Bernard Has Retired, So I Gave Him A Proper Sendoff

We had a fun Yak planned Friday. It was Popcorn Day and we were going to race to try and not be the slowest person to eat a large bucket of popcorn as the last place finisher would have to eat a second tub.

It was full of hi-jinx and laughs, but as the show was coming close to the end, we got some breaking news.

For people that don't know, I had been saying Giovani Bernard's name in a very distinct way for 10 years now. It took off a bit this past summer at training camp when I dropped a hard GB on the GOAT.

And I even got to meet the man himself!

What a career! 10 full years full of joyous memories and jukes. I had to do my guy GB right with this one! We figured a song was most appropriate.

So happy retirement to my friend, GIOVANI BERNARD! A great dude and I will truly miss rooting for him in the red & pewter.

Catch today's full Yak here: