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The Experts Have Vacated Multiple Wins In The Dozen

On Tuesday's Yak, we had an auction to support those affected by the tornadoes in Mississippi. The items ranged from game used Yak basketball jerseys to a night with Kate's beave.

We all tried to raise as much money as we could for those families that lost everything. Well almost all of us. All Business Pete would rather have more people suffer without internet and chose not to get wet for an extra $4,000.

In the auctions, Brandon put up a few of his Dozen trophies. A New York City one and the Battle for Arizona which was actually canceled due to the Arizona Bowl being canceled in 2021 due to COVID. It was re-done online a few weeks later in a trivia match that The Experts won, but those wins have now been vacated thanks to Big Cat.

But it was all done for the greater good. Nicely done Brandon.

And #ThankYouBigCat. If you're feeling like donating as well, you can do so here 

Check out today's full Yak here:

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