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Rain On Our Parade: Philadelphia's Emotional Spiral After The Eagles Super Bowl Loss

Welp, turns out that feeling wasn't so temporary. 

Last night was certainly a roller coaster of emotions, mostly real sad ones, but what a Hell of a season by the Eagles and a great performance by Jalen Hurts. 

I saw a lot of folks complaining about these partiers in the streets after the game ended, but as someone who annoyingly always looks for the positive, I get it. That pent up, boozed-up energy from a day of escalating hopes & hype had to go somewhere, and it could have gotten ugly really quick. Instead, they poured out into the street and commiserated together through drunken yelling, random dance parties & continued chugging. 

Sure, things got a little rowdy at the end, but by all Philly metrics it was tame. Sorry hundreds of 20-somethings didn't want to go home drunk and sit in their rooms alone feeling bummed, and sorry not everyone is the same kind of fan you are I guess? (Smitty & the other Eagles fans at the office (especially Max right now, RIP) probably disagree with me wholeheartedly which means I'm probably in the wrong but what else is new.)

Whatever the case, Center City was still a scene last night, and though I wish it 1000x bigger to celebrate a win, I was still glad to bear witness. Huge thanks to Barstool Sansom for an awesome evening, to everyone who spoke with us, and especially to camera guy & editor Booz who did an awesome job piecing things together despite me screaming into the mic in full-out obnoxious mode.