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I Went On A Duck Hunting Trip in South Texas And Here Is The Video To Prove It

Recently, I flew to South Texas to judge and MC the Coastal Cup, a high end duck hunting tournament.

Even though I had no idea what the hell I was doing, I still had a good bit of fun. The Stoolies have been calling me out for more video logs, so here is a video of the highlights of my trip. There is even some poker mixed in too.

I also realize that some people were skeptical that this video existed due to the controversy this tweet spawned.

I posted this video from my duck hunting trip in South Texas at 4:30am on Friday morning and all hell broke loose on the internet. 

Barstool’s head of production David Blattman immediately called me out on it.

Clearly this was not the smartest move by me as the sun does not come out that early.  There was a thorough investigation on Friday into the time stamps at the 26 minute mark.

What really happened is I filmed the video at sunrise on Thursday morning. I had no cell service out in the marsh so I decided to save the video to post later. 

If this is a crime, I am guilty as charged. People do this literally all of the time at Barstool. Where I went wrong was posting it too early on Friday morning. And that like most of my mistakes falls squarely on me.

No one will believe me but I was actually out at hunting again at sunrise on Friday morning too. I just wish I had posted the video then and not a few hours earlier like the unaware idiot that I am.

There's is a difference between being a liar and a lack of awareness. I am guilty of the latter constantly but I mean no harm!

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