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Kayla Harrison Kicked My Ass Ahead Of Her PFL Championship Fight This Week

Kayla Harrison looks to take home her THIRD PFL Championship on Friday night (along with another check for $1 million) - so she flew me down to Coconut Creek, Florida to help her out with a few things before she once again steps foot into the cage. That's how the best in the business make sure they keep their spot atop the hill after all; they're always open and looking to learn from others. I showed her a couple submissions the US Judo program forgot about, she taught me a double leg takedown and how to catch a chicken. I'd say we're about even.

Larissa Pacheco stands in Harrison's way yet again, and yes, Kayla is 2-0 against her in the PFL - but Pacheco is on a tear of knocking out everybody not named Kayla Harrison and looks better than ever. This fight is going to be awesome and I can't wait for it.

We'll have a bunch of us from Spinnin Backfist/Barstool in attendance, but if you can't make it - don't miss out on this PPV on ESPN+. It's gonna be a great night.

Large, Big Ev, and I also interviewed co-main eventer Brendan Loughnane today as well (who Large discovered a unique personal connection to recently) so keep an eye out for that as well! Finally, shoutout to Kayla Harrison and the PFL for being awesome partners on this and for giving us such amazing access the whole time! 

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