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Meals By Cug And Lil Mo Mozzarella Turn Rutgers Guard Paul Mulcahy Into An Italian

I want to try and get these players as much exposure as they can. Paul Mulcahy joins the Roundball athlete list. Shout out to Cug and Mo because this was hysterical and very fun to shoot. Please comment on which of your favorite players that you want us to interview. Make sure you subscribe to the Roundball YouTube as well. 

I want to shout out Rutgers as well because we went in there and caused a scene shooting this video. We went on the court chucking shots and Lil Mo might have went 1-157. I want to create more college basketball content like this to show off these kids personalities more instead of just straight basketball. People get bored of just talking basketball and the cheesy answers these kids have to say, so I want to bring these other social media people to create something different. Paul was a perfect person to start, but he better perform now. I want to create a stud Roundball athlete lineup and get these kids paid with some cool merch so if you watched I appreciate it. If you hate watched and want me fired in February I also appreciate it. College basketball is finally here I can't fucking wait.  

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