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The Most Terrifying Game Of "What's In The Box" Ever

Halloween means one thing on Lowering The Bar - "What's In The Box?!" Barstool blindly reaches into a cardboard box to guess what is lurking inside. This is the FOURTH Halloween we've created the least satisfying glory hole of all time, and each year we've tried to go bigger to outdo the previous year. SO, this year we went full on Jeffrey Dahmer by putting a REAL HUMAN HEAD in the box.

This episode would have been easier for Feits if we did simply sawed off his head and placed it in the box. Feits willingness to sit in a billion degree homeless man sauna while only eating milk duds all day is the only way we kept this a secret in the office. Thanks to Feits and everyone who was willing to get scared. Happy Halloween!

Friday Nov 11 - Wells Fargo Center in Philly - The Barstool invitational - 4 teams - All the barstool people (Dave, Big Cat, Me) 

If you're around the Philly area come watch basketball and hang out. I've never been to Philly , so I'm looking forward to enjoying the city I was taught to hate growing up.