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Barstool Employee Bares All In Adult Scene In New Movie On Amazon Prime

Today was an eventful Yak coming off the Mets collapse, the Bucs driving a wedge between Big Cat and I, Rone flying high with his Eagles, Big Cat paying for an open bar in Missouri and a lot more. But what stole the show was finding out we could see our dear co-worker, Corey Smutledge in an adult scene in a movie. You see, Corey just had a movie come out called The Blacklight that he's been working on for SIX YEARS helping produce and acting in the film.

When we watched the trailer, something stood out though...

He came on The Yak and confirmed it - He gets busy in the movie.

So if you'd like to see Corey get down, watch The Blacklight here:

After you're done with that, check out the full Yak here: