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There is a Clear Winner on the Las Vegas Snake Draft

This week Carl was on a bachelor trip so I took his spot on the Dog Walk Vegas snake draft with guest Kelly in Vegas! After finishing up this podcast I have came to the conclusion that White Sox Dave may have met his match with Kelly...

This snake draft was a fun one, and I think there is one clear winner!

The Las Vegas Draft included the following topics: 

1 Property 

1 Casino Game 

1 Activity 

1 Veteran Move

1 Movie

Walking into the studio, I told the guys I was absolutely screwed if I got the 5th pick, and I knew I had this draft in the bag if I was #1 or #2. To my surprise, I got the first pick & let out a nice "hell yeah". My first pick was definitely a heater. 

My picks included

Caesars Hotel

Slot Machines - How this was not picked earlier in the draft is beyond me.. 

Boxing / UFC

Pull money out before you head to Vegas

The Hangover - Obviously the best movie pick. If this would have been picked before me, I would have picked the movie 21. 

I may be biased, but after recording this podcast I had a pretty stacked line up. I think I may be a clear winner here, but that's up to y'all to decided.