I Will Have To Wear A Mask During All Bucs Games I Do Not Attend When It Is A One Score Game

I was the beneficiary of some excellent negotiating and a lot of great fortune yesterday with the wheel which netted me a cool $12k.

But directly after that high, I got selected for Monster DIP. That could mean a bevy of things. And it was also supposed to be up to the person who it landed on, but seeing my good fortune (literally), I decided to let the crew pick something for me today. Boy was that a mistake.

We started out with doing a can of skoal (I have never dipped in my life), dump in pants, actual dip (queso + two others), dipping my leg into a full leg cast for a week, doing a choreographed jazzercise video, down 1 possession - meaning I would don a mask during any time this season the Bucs are down one possession in a game. So if they're down 8 or more points, mask on. 

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