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We Have Confirmed NFL Superstar Aaron Rodgers Is A Fan Of A Certain Only Fans-Inspired Show

Fuck. This is hard to top as the coolest moment of my life solely because Aaron Rodgers is literally the coolest person Caleb & I have ever come across. As Will said on Bussin' yesterday (please go watch or listen) few months ago we hit Lake Tahoe during that golf tournament to do a Sundae Conversation with the man himself. Though as we were hanging out I told him what I do at work, that I interview Only Fans models, and he didn't seem to believe me after seeing the clip above.

YET it is, in fact, true that I interview beautiful Only Fans queens and it means the world that #12 condones the idea. May have to get him on to co-host an episode one of these days. I'd also be lying if I haven't been smiling for 24 hours after hearing him say I'm amazing because he's literally that cool. I feel like Don Rickles talking about Frank Sinatra. That's how fucking cool he is.