Yung Gravy Swings By Barstool & Wreaks Havoc On The Office | Stool Scenes 371

On this week's Stool Scenes, everyone was getting into the boxing mode as RNR18 approaches. Everyone wanted to test their hardest punches, while Alex Bennett and Coach Duggs get in their final training days. Nick and KB join Sydnie Wells down in Tennessee, to become one with nature, and Dana Seltzers is BACK and can't stop winning. Last but not least, after long two years of sitting in the volt, The Maddening is finally out for the world to see. The director Corey Rutledge and the entire cast sit down to discuss what they have unveiled to the world. Make sure to kick back, enjoy a refreshing Labatt Blue and like and subscribe to the Barstool Sports Youtube channel! 

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