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Hunting Rosy-Billed Ducks In The Marshes of Argentina

While in Argentina I was able to limit out on Rosy Billed ducks with my 20 gauge shot gun and it was INCREDIBLE! Rosy-billed pochard are endemic to South America, which is why many hunters from all over the world come to Argentina to duck hunt. 

At the beginning of this episode I decided to shoot flu flu arrows at the ducks to see if I could whack one out of the air. Pulling up I was surprised by the blind set up, but when there is not nearly as many duck hunters in Argentina as there are in the United States not only is there a very large abundance of birds they tend to be not as smart. 

The next morning we started off in a homemade blind about 20 yards from where the ducks where landing. The sun had just came up and we could see thousands of birds flying and dumping into the marsh, it was amazing. I soon realized that I needed to throw on my guides waders and wade out into the marsh to get within a good distance of the ducks, which as ya'll can see ended up being a good call on my end.