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Burning Bridges And Wrangling Snakes (Most Dangerous Game Recap Ep 3)

THE Boyz are running it back for another night at the mansion,  talkin' shop and talkin' shit. Add in a few cold beers, and there's nothing better. Maybe a great night sleep in the mansion? BUT, Sas and I had to wake up 5 hours earlier than we were told in order to get to the camp. This is why Sas was so pissed when we showed up to camp that morning. We talk about it more on the post show if you want to know what's eating at Sas.

Meanwhile, a mad man with a megaphone wondered into the camp and woke everyone up for a new twist to the game. The first night challenge. 

Introducing the most horrifying we've seen up to this point - Challenge #4 - Snakes on a Flame 

Contestants will be forced to reach their bare hands into this terrarium of snakes to untie knots that will drop down supplies to build a fire. Players will need to build a fire big enough to reach and burn through a piece of twine. The first person to break their rope with the flame, wins power of elimination. 

Supplies to build a fire aren't the only thing tied to the snake terrarium, there is also a ball jar of water that contestants can use to put extinguish another competitors fire. 

Tommy smokes was a disaster on this challenge, and Smitty wasn't too much better than Smokes. Again, it seemed to come down to the two girls. The scrunchy alliance. BUT, what in the flying fuck did we just witness?

The second Sydnie starts to get her fire going, Jordyn douses the fame with water. This is not scrunchy alliance behavior. I'm not sure if I'm a prisoner of the moment, but at the last elimination Bri said Jordyn was Sydnie's puppet. It this Jordyn attempting to throw off the scent of the alliance? They did go at each other in the blood bath elimination, so I think I'm connecting conspiracy theory dots. 

Giphy Images.

Jordyn hosed Sydnie, but not enough to wet the base of her fire. Sydnie still had hope to pull off the win since the others were so far behind with their building, and Tommy was all but sidelined with cramps (in his leg.) 

But this challenge seemed to be getting the best of everyone, even Outdoor Sydnie started to cramp up. Tommy isn't great at challenges, but he is great at kissing ass, good strategy here by Tommy to stretch out Sydnie . 

Sydnie felt the pressure from being the Barstool Outdoor's brand ambassador for this challenge, because if she loses, it's like LeBron losing to a bunch of scrubs in The Drew League. A weight was lifted off Sydnie's shoulders when the flame torched through the rope, but now Syd has the burden of wielding elimination power.

Which means Sydnie will have some tough decisions to make. Does she make her decision based off what is best for her new pact with Smitty, Jordyn, and Tommy, OR does Sydnie separate herself from the group, and gain the respect of the already eliminated voters to set her up for the finals. Sydnie had it narrowed down to these two decisions, which means 

Tommy vs Vibbs

If Sydnie eliminates Tommy she will gain Billy and Bri's vote on the council at the end and I'm sure the respect of a few others in the camp

The less risky option for Sydnie is getting rid of me so she can almost guarantee herself a spot in the final 4 with the potential to see Tommy in the finals who will most likely get no votes from the council. The only down side Sydnie loses my vote in the finals for kicking me off. They say every vote matters, but Syd would be smart for throwing one away. Anything could happen with the votes if Sydnie and I are in the finals, but if it's Tommy and Sydnie, it's almost a guaranteed win for Sydnie.

Tommy and I went back and forth at the elimination arena attempting to plead our cases. I thought I did a good job showing Sydnie that Tommy's best defense is being defenseless. After all, it was Tommy that knocked Sydnie out in a head to head match-up.

Unfortunately for Ol' Vibbsy, Sydnie went for the path of least resistance and sided with Tommy Smokes. Sydnie won't have enemies at the end, and will look like a saint sitting next to Tommy Smokes. BUT, remember … 

You play with fire and you're gonna get smoked.

Would I change my strategy? You can hear my full take on the post show, but the only part of the strategy I would have changed is assuming Jordyn and Sydnie would have no trust for Tommy Smokes. They believed in Tommy big time. 

Would I have used my first vote to go for Tommy instead Billy? NO. 

If you have a simple brain you'll say "just vote Tommy out first!!! " You also probably think action movies where the hero rushes in guns blazing to save the day is a realistic strategy. Is Billy dumb? Yes. Is Billy an alcoholic? Yes. BUT he can still win challenges. Voting off Tommy first leaves me completely exposed to not only Billy who wanted me out, but Sydnie who I found out watching the show, wanted me out early.  We talk about it more in the post show …. 

I GUESS if I knew everything I know now, I would voted off Sydnie? BUT, at the first elimination I still thought Sydnie and I could work together. So, vote her off or communicate better. It was a good run. See you on the council in episode 4. 

Everyone that went on this trip would probably agree that Sas stirring up a panic on the walkie talkie was a great way to start off this trip …