The Best Game Shows Snake Draft

Another Monday, another Snake Draft. This time we're joined by Smokes and Chris Klemmer for Game Shows. There's early controversy that will very much appease the tens of millions of people that detest Tom Scibelli. There's also a number of perfectly executed and utterly morbid jokes by Chris Klemmer. That's my first time doing something with him and it's very obvious he's the kind of guy you need to keep close. You can't trust him if you can't see him. That's the vibe Klem Dog #2 puts down. 

In other news, great wrap around from me. You don't see a solid wrap around nearly as much since the draft strategy really evolved. Some other notes: 

- Congrats to Klemmer on the jump from The Ringer. Basketball is a tired sport. Snake Drafts are way better. 

- Tommy Smokes is more generous than people assume. Nice Guy move literally sharing the mic. 

- Nobody talked about Bob Barker when we got into the Price is Right and that's just not right. Bob Parker has the biggest body count of any daytime host in Hollywood history. Rumor goes he'd get his dick sucked during commercial breaks just to stay sharp. Wouldn't even climax. Wouldn't even take the time to put his skinny little microphone down. Bob Barker was the king. 

- Surprised ESPN doesn't have any game shows or reality shit on this list other than Stump the Schwab. Did they even try? My memories from Y2K are shaky but that was primetime for the trivia history books. ESPN should have a bigger presence. 

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Thanks to Tom and Chris for joining this week. 

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