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Dog Walk Draft Grades: Revisiting A Classic - Summertime Foods/BBQ Draft

Eddie chose to re-air a classic Draft this week with the Summertime Food/BBQ Draft. This was a delight. A very digestible view/listen as it's under 35 minutes. It was pretty cut and dry, the rules:

- 1 Meat

- 1 Side

- 1 Beverage

- 1 Fruit

- 1 Dessert

Team 1 (Eddie): B+

An unreal 1.1 pick in the Summertime Food/BBQ Draft with Corn on the Cob. It was called out immediately, but there are other better types of corn. After that abomination, Eddie actually had a pretty strong draft. In fact, if you swap the burger in the 4th round for corn on the cob, you can say Eddie had a good draft. But you simply cannot miss on the 1st overall pick and this was a JaMarcus Russell sized swing and a miss. Just horrendous value. Pineapple is a great pick in the 2nd and the red white & blue popsicles are iconic. Burger in the 4th is a top two meat and Lemonade is an outstanding summer drink. Nice squad, but just weird positioning by Eddie.

Team 2 (Large): B

Nobody in the company probably has eaten as much good food as Large has in his lifetime and going baby lamb chops 2nd overall proves it. I've only seen baby lamb chops maybe five times in my life. The fact that Large is eating these on the reg. at summertime BBQs illustrates the type of class above me he is. *Nothing but respect there, the guy earned it. Macoroni salad has a cult following, so I don't hate going that over potato salad or coleslaw there. Sangria is another one that has loyal fans and it's different in the 3rd for the drink. S'mores is a great pick and definitely did add the nighttime feel to it. And despite the fact that he's allergic to fruit, mango was a strong pick. You can do so many different things with it and it hits every time.

Team 3 (White Sox Dave - left off poll): D-

Just a horrendous draft that would have been even worse if the breakfast sausage, cheese, and crackers grocery store platter wasn't vetoed. Brisket is great, but 1st round? Over hot dogs and burgers? That's where he started to lose me and it didn't get better. I actually like Micheladas a lot and order them whenever they're on a menu, but the fact White Sox Dave was NOWHERE CLOSE to pronouncing it right is so fitting. The guy is the closet thing we have to a raccoon. Hawaiian Salad in the 3rd round is the worst pick of the Draft. Just horrendous and I'm glad the guys, including Large called this out in real time. Ceviche is really good, but how often has White Sox Dave actually had this at a cookout? If we're setting the line at 1.5, I'm hammering the under. Cantoulope in the 5th round isn't even the best melon. An absolutely horrific draft by my pal White Sox Dave, who I do genuinely enjoy.

Team 4 (Chief): C+

This episode was the birth of the #BurrataGang. 4th overall is just silly when it was going to go undrafted. Large saying it'd basically turn to a milky substance within a few minutes of being outside proved Chief runs in different circles than the rest of these guys. He's just a cut above. I'm not going to hate on the originality of the pick, but it was a bad pick that tanked his draft. Because after that, it wasn't half bad. A John Daly is a really refreshing so I like that in the 2nd. Ice cream sandwich, especially the kind that Chief described are incredible, pulled pork is very good and definitely draftable, and a peach is great because it's really diverse. You can have it straight up, sliced, or even in a pie or crumble with ice cream. So I really like that pick. But it went off the rails in the first round, so again, the value just wasn't there and made this a poor draft class.

Team 5 (Carl): A+

This was Carl's finest work. The fact that he got the 5th pick and still came away with the best pick of the 1st round by a mile in beer is insane. He started off Round 2 with Watermelon which is undeniably the best fruit. If you agree with that, pick up the new hottest shirt of the summer.

Hot Dog in the 3rd round is insane value and you could make a case that it's a 1.1 pick. Burgers certainly have a case to be made for top meat, but it's hard to argue with hot dogs, especially for a Chicago-based show. I'm a coleslaw over macoroni and potato salad guy, so I love the value he got in the 4th round with that pick. The fact that Carl's Dad makes a better version of coleslaw made that pick another homerun. And then ice cream cone in the 5th round is outstanding. You can get one from the Good Humor guy in a King Cone, you could make one at someone's house, or you could actually go to your local ice cream parlor and buy one, so this is a very diverse selection and incredible value again in this round. Overall, this is the strongest draft in Dog Walk Draft history in my opinion and if there was a grade higher than A+, I'd go with that.

This aired over two years ago, so there is no live voting, but the votes were even closer than I imagined with Carl's historic Draft. In my opinion, he should have gotten at least 85% of the vote.

You can watch the full video above. Unfortunately, I do not see this on YouTube, but they'll be back with more Drafts on YouTube next week. So please subscribe to their channel here. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday week everybody!