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The Morning After: Recapping The Case Race II With The Yak

We taped The Case Race II on Wednesday evening and night and all admit we got way too drunk way too fast. On the plus side, we didn't stay out crazy late. On the other side, we had another level of scaries for Thursday morning. We agreed prior to partaking in the case race that we'd tape a recap show the next morning. So we peeled ourselves out of our beds (or couches in some instances) and discussed the happenings of the night before.

It should be no surprise that we were strugglinggggggg. KB even forgot everything he was supposed to bring to meet his realtor.

We finally got to the bottom of why Will Compton took his pants off. Kind of…

And Stu Feiner joined the show for the final 10 minutes with relentless backhanded compliments for Rico Bosco.

Watch the full show below and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel. We're off next week for the holiday, but we'll be back Monday July 11th!