Picking The Teams For The Case Race II The Only Way We Know How

Today's show started with two anonymous members of the show taking monster rips from our weed guy but quickly diverted into talking about our Case Race II presented by Revitalyte taping tomorrow evening to air this Thursday. Quigs threw together an incredible trailer that got us all pumped up:

One of our guests, Shane Gillis requested that the teams be random, so we used the wheel to decide. The wheel seemed to favor some of our old teams as the top two teams from last case race are running it back (minus Zah who is traveling for the Barstool Classic this week).

As a gambler, I'll set the odds now:

Team #1: Big Cat & Lil Sasquatch (+175)

Team #2: Adam Ferrone & Shane Gillis (+150)

Team #3: Nick Turani & Will Compton (+300)

Team #4: Kyle Bauer & Owen Roeder (+10000)

Team #5: Steven Cheah & TJ Hitchings (+175)

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