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Get To Know The Barstool Idol Finalists In The E-G-G Draft

With the competition down to four finalists, we decided to have them participate in a classic Yak Draft to see what they're made of. Today was an E-G-G draft and Chef Donny created some omelettes for us. The ingredients had to start with the letter E-G-G. If you're not familiar, here is how these normally go:

Before we got into full draft-mode we got to know the contestants a little better. The final four is:


John Rich: 



As for the Draft, the ingredients varied. From General Mills cereals:

to Gizzards.

One was even finished off with some pieces of an envelope on top.

After today's Yak, we had two contestants tie for last with Caroline and John Rich leading the way.

We talked about it as a group after, despite the fact I didn't realize we were still live:

Big Cat weighed in on where he stands among the final four:

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