Meet The 12 Barstool Idol Contestants Including One GIANT Surprise


We had 11 Idol contestants and were waiting on the final one. Turns out, we had a trick up our sleeves. A big one:

But we needed to get back to 11 as we were eliminating one person to start the show. That contestant would never get a chance to win Barstool Idol.

We're going to have a great week and with 11 contestants left, take a few minutes to get familiar with them:

#1 John Rich

#2 you may know already, Jeff Nadu

#3 Zac Townsend

#4 Bri Hunter was sent home already

#5 Marcy Creevy


#6 Ali Shahriari

#7 Joey Joy

#8 Luke Manley

#9 Wyatt Moss

#10 Dani Jackel


#11 Chris Klemmer

#12 Caroline Baniewicz

Who do you got winning this whole thing and getting a job at Barstool Sports?

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