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There Are Very Few Moments In Life More Satisfying Than Biting Into A Deliciously Juicy And Tender Beef Rib

Every once in a while you have to treat yourself. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the finer things in life. And it doesn't get much finer than a slab of beef ribs. 

It's everything that is perfect about a slice of brisket, but just better. It's juicy, it's tender, it's packed with flavor. But now you get all of that amplified when you add the bone into the mix. It packs in just a little extra flavor, and now you also have zero need whatsoever for utensils since you can just grab ahold of that bone like the little caveman inside of your brain wants you to do. 

Long story short, beef ribs rock and these particular beef ribs we cooked over the weekend kicked an enormous amount of ass. Like everything in barbecue, simplicity is the key here. 

Rub down with salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. Throw the ribs on the smoker unwrapped at 250-275° degrees until you are comfortable in the bark development and the fat render. Usually going to be sometime around the 7-8 hour mark. 

Then wrap in butcher paper until they probe tender, usually going to be another couple hours from the time you wrap. Let them rest for a little while, slice between the bones, eat up.

P.S. -- Have something a little different coming up next week so if you're enjoying the BBQ content, make sure you stick around for that. 



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