BARSTOOL FINACE: Even In Bankruptcy, Revlon's Body Paint Segment Continues To Outperform

After an ABYSMAL first trade that refuses to bounce, Tyler hooked himself a marlin with what looks like the latest piece-of-shit meme stock- Revlon (ticker REV)... A multinational company dealing in cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and panda-themed body paint.

(free GIFt)

With Tyler's latest purchase, we are now officially outperforming the market with a considerable amount of cash still left in hand, BUT we have a ways to go if The Family Office is to catch Buffet's 2019 results by the end of the year.


(Coleen Camp in 1985's "Clue")

Barstool's crack analytical team (they put the "anal" in analytical) has recommended we switch this series from Sunday to Monday mornings for optimal traffic, which will start next week.  And we will start fucking with YouTube LIVE to give people updates and commentary during the week.

Take a report.


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