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Breaking Down The Biggest Disappointments In NFL Draft History

Another week, another monster Snake Draft with a guest in studio. Always good to have the boys around the mics together when getting fired up and debating such important topics. 

On that front, I found this topic to be pretty challenging. It's not about true Busts but more people that just let you down based on hype. Not saying everyone drafted sucks, but there's a huge difference between a bust and a guy who just wasn't as good as you hoped. 

I probably fucked my draft in the 2nd round but that's okay. Any time you mention the name Eric Crouch on a Snake Draft, you basically get shit on pretty hard. That's fine. I'll get shit on. That 2001 Nebraska team is still one of the coolest teams and I sincerely thought Crouch would be an effective receiver. I was wrong and so were the Green Bay Packers. I'd rather see them sad than myself happy so not a bad situation in the long run. 

Anyways big draft. Jeff always does so much prep. He really does a great job and we can't thank him enough for squeezing this into his insanely busy schedule. Viva la Jeff D Lowe. 

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