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"Going Bald Isn't A Big Deal" - Bald Guy

Ask and you shall receive. For so long we've been bombarded with requests to cover our favorite bald guys. And finally we cross that bridge with bald guy expert Uncle Chaps. Truly and sincerely a moment to remember in the vaunted annals of Snake Drafting. 

On that front, I feel like this draft should represent a source of a strength for many of my bald brethren out there. It takes courage to accept the stark consequences of male pattern baldness. So many options and pressure to avoid your destiny. On one end you have the hair plugs and the surgeries and the cosmetic upgrades to pretend you're somebody else. On the other side of the spectrum, you've got comb overs and fancy hair cuts and baseball hats. So many methods of avoidance available, all of which are equally draining in some respect: physically, emotionally, mentally, financially. 

And then there's this other option. You can just cut your hair short and ride off into the sunset with an overwhelming percentage of your peers. You can suck up your lot in life and just admit that going bald is the least of anyone' problems. Especially in this cold cruel world. I know guys who are 50 pounds overweight that are terrified of losing their hair. Guys that have withered and widened, married and fathered, completely onto the next stage and yet they're still gripping on for dear life.

Passed a first impression, hair is completely overrated. It's easily on of the biggest distractions we routinely create for ourselves. You're constantly having to get it cut and maintained. You battle the elements by lathering your scalp with discounted cosmetic products to keep a hold with medium shine. You're looking in a reflection and attributing it to your success/failure. Why do you even wear your hair like you do? Because some time ago you got laid or got a nice compliment or somebody said it looks great and ever since then you've been a runaway train. 

I'm sitting next to Danny as I write this. He's a smart kid with a good sense of humor. Has a solid job and loving family. He works hard and has an active social life. For all intents and purposes he has a lot to be proud of and happy about. Bt then you see him 24-48 hours after a haircut and regardless of his perceived outcome, he's always acting like a terrified little pussy about his haircut. I

It sucks. 

I hate it. 

He cut it too short. 

I look like a cockatoo. 

Focus on the positives Danny, especially with a full head. Don't be bashful and don't get push around. And as I type this Clem just sits down at the table. A clean shaven head and an accompanying attitude that would win just about any general election. Talk about one of the happiest guys I've ever me and he's bald as my back after a fresh shave. 

Point is looks are overrated. That's where I hang my hat at night. If that makes me a bitch then so be it, but I got bigger fish to fry than my balding misshaped head. Like racking up more YouTube subscribers so go to our page and help a guy out. Especially if you're bald. We're in this shit together man.  

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