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A John Daly Is Not A Cocktail. It's A Mixed Drink.

I'm gonna make this short and sweet because I gotta get home for lunch. But just about everyone in the universe is up my ass right now for saying John Daly shouldn't have been included in the cocktail draft. Some of you assholes are comparing it to a bloody mary and a Negroni and all these other longstanding heavy hitters. I'm hearing stuff like "it's 3 stand alone ingredients" and that you love them after a round of shitty golf and blah blah blah. Just a bunch of whining pissing bitching moaning and complaining. 

Fact is if you consider a John Daly a cocktail, you're a hillbilly. And that's coming from an urban hillbilly. You don't put John Daly in the same draft as these others. You don't because it's not a cocktail. It's a mixed drink. It's way closer to a vodka soda and a jack and coke and all that bullshit than it is to a Margarita. John Daly is something you drink aggressively. You've got a lather. You're doing an activity. A cocktail is something you make with love to enjoy. Don't do this to me guys. Don't make me defend my definition of a cocktail. 

All I ask is some respect. This isn't my first rodeo classifying information for a Snake Draft. Talk all the shit you want about my character, intellect, values & actions. But don't tell me I don't know cocktails. 

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