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I'm Addicted To Snake Drafting With Certified Experts

I love having Coley on a Snake Draft. Eddie mentioned it in the show and it's so true - nobody can put up the 3+ hour grind on a podcast like Coley. He's just built different. Always sharp. Always prepared. Opinions packaged like goddamn razor blades. I mean this sincerely, I respect Coley as much as anyone I've ever worked under. Phenomenal Editor in Chief to report to. I'm not washing his balls because I want to guys. Polish fellas grow em bigger and different. Coley's nutsack falls into that category. This is a pure labor of love. 

Speaking of balls, things got a little weird this week because WSD would give both of his balls to have Steve Cohen own the White Sox. All it took was someone to bring up the Los Angeles Dodgers and next thing you know we're talking about whether or not WSD would do the watermelon rubber-band challenge on his own coin purse. That's the kinda shock value entertainment you can come to expect from us on a Monday afternoon. 

Elsewhere and in conclusion - I want to get in front of this. All you whining complaining bitchig pissing and moaning Yankee fans can suck my dick. You got a good hat. It's not Shooter McGavin in an Adam Sandler draft so calm down. I'm not spending the next 5 business days muting burner accounts on twitter because you want to attack me for where your hat got drafted. Not my problem. 

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