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Rone vs. Nick: The Battle of Athletic Supporters

On April 9th in San Antonio, TX, DAZN is airing the triumphant return of lightweight and social media sensation “King” Ryan Garcia. 

After a 15 month layoff, Ryan’s opponent is a gentleman named Emmanuel Tagoe from Ghana whose record of 32-1 means literally nothing to most boxing fans because the bulk of his fights took place in Africa. 

DAZN asked for my help to promote this card and I immediately enlisted the help of Rone and Nick Taurani. 

Rone’s boyish good looks made him a natural candidate to embed in the Garcia camp, while Nick’s strong Ghanean roots made him an obvious addition to Team Tagoe. 

You can follow along here as the boys and I try to elevate both training camps and you can watch the fight on April 9th, only on DAZN. 

Take a report.