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There's Nothing More Awkward Than Getting Slapped At The Academy Awards!!

Man I tell ya. Damn shame we recorded this draft prior to last night because there was one of the most awkward moments I've ever seen. Chris Rock was doing his monologue and made a joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada. The joke was regarding Jada's lack of hair. He compared her to G.I. Jane, a reference to a mid 90's movie starring Demi Moore. She shaved her head for the role. The movie did okay but everyone remembers her for it. 

So there he is last night, on stage, making the joke about Jada when Will Smith gets upset. Initially he started laughing. But Jada was making a face that was like It's not funny at all. So Will went on stage and slapped (yes SLAPPED) Chris Rock in the face. It was so shocking people didn't even know if it was real. Then everyone heard Will Smith yell something like "Keep my wife's name out of your fuckin mouth!" As you can imagine, it got very real

Anyways it was a super awkward moment. Definitely worth drafting on the Snake Draft this week but like I said we drafted before the Oscars. So we missed it. Otherwise it would have been on the table. Especially with how awkward it was in the first place. 

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