Breaking Down The Top 25 College Basketball Coaches All Time Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky and college basketball go together like lamb and tuna fish. The 2015 award winner joins us this week to breakdown the Top 25 College Basketball Coaches of all time just days out from the Sweet 16. I feel like Steve Irwin cornering some exotic water buffalo in coastal sub-saharan Africa. This is some premium access we've stumbled upon even though Frank subs on my 16-inch team. So maybe not that exotic but still. Frank has a lot to say about a lot of these coaches on the board. I'll spare you the spoilers but here's one thing that stands out from the conversation: 

Mark Few may always be underrated and that's because people are nervous to OVERRATE him. He hasn't won a title, sure. But there's plenty of arguments that put him at the top of college basketball. Gonzaga has evolved to annually land multiple top recruits. It's become a full fledged juggernaut and he's doing it in rural Eastern Washington. The journey itself to get there is enough to put him in the top All Time according to our expert and it's actually a pretty compelling case. I still have a better list but it doesn't hurt to throw Frank a bone here. 

Listen to the draft and tell me what you think. Unless you think it sucks. Then keep that opinion to yourself. Voting out tonight with plenty of drama coming I'm sure. 

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