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I Officially Want To Hire Ryan Dempster To Tell MLB Stories On Demand

I had no idea Ryan Dempster was this good of a story teller. Obviously he threw 96 with a power slider and filthy split. But scout's honor I thought he was your typical goofy funny pitcher that just loves to play grabass and bullshit around. Turns out that's still true but he's actually a fuckin PHENOMENAL story teller. It's a lost art. You should come to respect that kinda skill. 

Personally him talking about Jim Leyland ripping cigs and trashing the team was an all time moment for me on the podcast. I was in the locker room with Ryan Dempster that day. I could hear Jim Leyland's spikes coming down the dugout walkway into the clubhouse. There was no stone unturned in putting you alongside his underwhelming 1998 Florida Marlins' teammates. We were all a Marlin under Leyland's leadership that day, and we're all better off for it. 

Hopefully Dempster has time to come by more often once the season gets going. That would be outstanding. We're trying to get a roster of local guys that we can do more with, obviously Dempster is at the top for Cubs stuff. If you have other guys or ideas, feel free to DM me. Red Line Radio is still going strong but I could always use some organic feedback. Just don't tell me it sucks. Then I'll get all pissed off and that's a bad thing.

All Gas No Brakes.