One Last Bass Fishing Trip Now That Hunting Season is Here

The colder weather has made it to Central, Illinois so I've packed my bags and am living at our family farm for the next couple of weeks. My first day back I decided to do some largemouth bass fishing to kind of wrap up my fishing season before the ice covers the ponds. Watch Barstool Outdoors latest video here and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and comment for a chance to WIN a piece of free Barstool Outdoors merch!

Rut has started, which is the mating season for whitetail deer, and waterfowl season opened up this past Saturday (10/30). Be on the look out for our upcoming waterfowl video, which will include the hunt, clean, and cooking segment. This winter we have a lot of exciting trips planned including waterfowl, mule deer, whitetail, ice fishing, etc. I am looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all.