Product Review: I Bought The Same 'Delivery & Nursing Gown' As Blake Lively But Somehow Did Not Look Like Blake Lively In It

Hospital gowns are bulky, unflattering moo-moos that show your ass, and who knows what battles they've seen before getting to you.. Thus, in all the 'hospital baby-bag prep' articles I was reading I saw 'BYO gown' as a suggestion time & time again. Naturally, I caved & got carried away. 

As with everything else marketed at moms there were 10,000 options.. Sleeveless? Robe-like? Patterned? Plain? Buttons? Snaps? Ties? And will those choices vibe with your birth plan? C-section? Epidural? At home? Do you want skin-to-skin right after? Cute Instagram photos? All hinges on that robe, my friends! And what would my BYO birth gown say about me on the most important day of my life?! Would I be able to land this plane (push a baby out of my vagina) in the wrong one? It seemed very important at the time.

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The deciding factor for me was on a What To Expect article sharing their "Best Labor & Delivery Gowns of 2021", and it was none other than their "Celebrity Favorite":

Blake Lively shared her baby registry essentials, and included this popular labor and delivery gown from Frida Mom.

That was all I needed to see. 

If a rich, beautiful person trusts it I will blindly trust it without a second guess. Blake approved? Kate approved. And if she thought she'd look good in it, so would I (we look so similar). 

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Plus, they included this terrifying little nugget underneath that Blake endorsement…

You what now? 

I did not even know that was possible, but if this gown could handle 5 days worth of hole explosions (I pictured birth sort of like a series of bodily volcano incidents before I lived it, which wasn't totally wrong) I was fuckin' in. 

In the end was the $29.99 worth it for me? Did it help foster a feeling of motherly beauty on delivery day? Check out the video to find out.

..Or hell, just keep reading this sentence to hear me say, "nah, not really". It's 'one size fits all' but I'm no small fry at 5'9, 150lbs and my body gets lost in it. Plus you'll never convince me that thing costs more than $4 to make, and every single time I wind up putting it on (laundry days when all my pajamas are in the wash) I am always SHOCKED at the way my tits look. 


Verdict in my own personal experience? If I'm ever lucky enough to have another baby I would skip it & stick with the hospital gown. Save your money for a super high-quality robe during postpartum time at home. 

Quick notes: I gave birth a while back but am only starting to blog & do videos about it now, thus reviewing something I wore 7 months ago. I'll also be sharing all sorts of stuff that helped me most in those first weeks. (Shout out numbing spray.)

Also, I complain about the buttons on the back of the gown. It only occurred to me afterward that the purpose of that would be for receiving an epidural, but I will never correct myself and still hate all those floppy ol' snaps. 

ALSO, in closing, shout out to baby dad Pat who doesn't work at Barstool anymore ( collar pull, ha ha, heyyo ) but who edited this video for me in a requested "Kate style" (quick & poorly done) because my tits and enormous Hanes underwear have a flash moment and I think sending that to a coworker to edit is maybe an HR violation & would give them nightmares forever.