Barstool Chicago Reacts To The Latest Chicago Sports Crisis

We recorded Red Line Radio today immediately after the Blackhawks news dropped. Chief's been following things closely since the original story and he's on top of this mess and disappointment. As talked about on the show, he's digging into the 107 page report tonight and I'm sure will have some insights for Thursday's show. Here's his original blog on the news that Bowman is stepping aside. 

We get into Bowman's statement, why it's a bunch of bullshit and a ton of other stuff around the Blackhawks. Ryan Whitney joins us to talk about how they bad they've looked. Important to note we recorded with Whitney before the press conference. So there might be some confusing overlap but nothing that should hold anyone back. 

In lighter fare, we're seeing a ton of red. The Bulls are very back. It's a developing situation. Watch the pod to see what I mean and please know that you're welcome to join us on this vision quest. 

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