Breaking News: I Think We Have To Pivot Hard And Officially Be A Bulls Podcast Now

We had coach Jeff Brohm on Red Line Radio last week to talk about his program turning around and all that stuff. We're knee deep in football season and want to give some Big Ten shine. And if you listened last Tuesday then you know we went heavy Bears. Needless to say we have been football focused throughout the first couple weeks and hopefully that makes sense. 

Well turns out we're completely back pedaling right now to a Chicago Bulls podcast. Almost nothing really else worth talking about except Illinois beating the shit out of Penn State this weekend. I'll make a note to bring that up at the end. 

As for everything else though, we have to go full Bulls at least the next 4-6 weeks because nothing else deserves our attention. This is where things go completely full circle for us. It's actually not nearly as sad as you think it should be. 

That's because the Bulls are fucking awesome. There's a bunch of stats that back me up. They're all way too advanced for me to blog about but the experts agree: the Bulls are 3-0 and looking to stay on top of the Eastern Conference tonight vs. the Toronto Raptors. People across town are calling it a massive revenge game for DeRozan playing his former team. Others are just saying it's a later October early season game where anything is possible. I think it's somewhere in between and for those reasons I'll be monitoring the in-game parlay lines for a value-friendly Derozan parlay. 

In the mean time I suggest you guys put the Bears jerseys away for the next couple weeks and start getting sharp on the Bulls strategy. Lots of ball movement with end-to-end defense and a transition game that never stops. Plenty of crowd favorites taking the floor every night so take your time falling in love. Get to know these guys because they'll be our saving grace throughout the winter. As such there's no better time than now to jump on board while the season's warming up. Apologies in advance if things get a little too red. 

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