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White Sox "Black Out Game and John Cusack" Game 3 Vlog Is LIVE, Courtesy Of The Great Tasting, Less Filling Miller Lite

Absolutely incredible 24 hours. Obviously it's been a whirlwind for a lot of different reasons, but all of the Cusack shenanigans aside, the real storyline was the insanity that took place at 35th and Shields last night. It was, without question, the best atmosphere of any live sporting event I've ever been to, and that includes a 2005 World Series game. It was LOUD for 9 straight innings. They'd never admit it publicly, but I guarantee it was not fun to play at Sox Park for the Houston Astros last night. No fucking shot. 

Let's keep this train amovin'. Thanks to the greatest 96 calorie pilsner on the planet, Miller Lite, for making yesterday happen