"Trents In The Office" - Barstool Rundown - October 7, 2021

We are all about supporting local pizzerias and so is Slice: Slice partners with over 17,000 independent pizzerias and puts more money in the pockets of shops than if you ordered on other delivery apps. 

 Slice looks out for the local guys and helps them compete with the Big Pizza all while rewarding their users… to help the small shops, go to the app store and download Slice today and help bring the app to #1 in the food & drink category

If you’re a pizzeria owner, JOIN SLICE and get Portnoy Promotional Pricing: Mention Dave and get no fees on orders through the end of the year.

 Stoolies can get special weekend promotions during the Sportsbook House Live streams on Sunday’s so be sure to tune in and order via the App for exclusive discounts

 Download the Slice 🍕 app and use code BARSTOOL for $3 off your first app order.

Barstool Rundown

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