Is There A New Mush In The Family? - Barstool Rundown - October 4, 2021

C4 Energy and STARBURST brand are teaming up to launch four new Starburst candy-inspired flavor; Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, and Lemon will ignite your taste buds and exceed your flavor expectations.

The C4 Energy x STARBURST brand collaboration was inspired by a universal need for fun and nostalgia, providing explosive energy and juicy flavor.Combining the explosive flavor of STARBURST candy and C4 Energy’s zero-compromise performance energy drinks, each can is sure to ignite a burst of energy.It’s the go-to energy drink of elite athletes and performers — we’re talking Kevin Hart, Lonzo Ball, Justin Fields, Kyle Pitts, and even Roman Reigns to name a few.  

You already have the potential for greatness within you — C4 Energy just ignites your fire to unlock your best performance. 

Join the debate and check out the new C4 Energy Starburst flavors to ‘Get Juicy’

Hit up your nearest grocery store nationwide, or Amazon  to Get Juicy


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The Performance Package 4.0. from MANSCAPED™is the perfect package for your package and a key for a great grooming and hygiene routine to make sure the boys downstairs are smooth like Tom Brady in the 4th quarter.  

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The Lawn Mower 4.0. has a 7,000 RPM motor, a new multi-function on/off switch can engage a travel lock, AND gives you the ability to turn the 4000k LED spotlight on and off when needed for a more precise shave. Did I mention this trimmer is waterproof too?! Rain, snow or sleet are no match for the waterproof power of the 4.0.

There’s no 15 yard penalty for this clipping.

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Barstool Rundown

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