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Barstool Chicago's Official Position On Moving The Bears To Arlington (VIDEO)

I blogged about Chris Castellani coming on with us this week but failed to mention the biggest news in town and that's the Bears going to Arlington. 

We round table it hard and heavy this week with a solid summary captured in the video above. Turns out we're not complete sentimental meatballs. Turns out we're actually sincerely interested in a much improved game day experience for Bears fans. 

You may disagree and that's fine. Personally I know that I spend a lot of time on site, in the parking lot and going to games. I'm by no means a stranger to that stadium. I'd be interested to hear from the diehards that fill the south lot 8 times a year. The folks with PSL season tickets and the ones trekking up to section 431 on a replaced knee. Those are the voices I want to listen to on the issue. Not the guys who instantly think a departure from Soldiers is a sign of weakness even though they last visited in 2008 for a preseason game. Give me the qualified brains on the matter. 

I just can't picture a world where a majority of those with skin in the game would object to a brand new facility in Arlington. We chop up the X's and O's on Red Line so I'll spare you the specifics in text. But listen to the conversation and tell me I'm wrong. What am I missing? Smells like a no brainer. 

Another no brainer? 

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