Bloody Sunday - Barstool Rundown - September 27, 2021


The Rundown is Presented by Rocky Boots

For over 85 years, Rocky has been building the world’s most rugged boots and  apparel. 

From the jobsite to the campfire, Rocky boots and clothing are built tough - and so comfortable, you’ll wear them everywhere.

And now, Rocky is introducing WorkSmart:  rugged, outdoor workwear that is more comfortable than anything out there.

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Rocky. Rugged Outdoor Heritage Since 1932.            

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There’s big news from my favorite home security company… SimpliSafe just launched their new Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. That’s right, SimpliSafe, the system that U.S. News & World Report names “Best Home Security System of 2021,” just got even better. This brand new, outdoor security camera is engineered with all the advanced tech and security features you want and need to help keep you and your family safe.  [If you received a SimpliSafe system, talk about your experience.

It has an ultra-wide 140-degree field of view, so you can keep watch over your entire yard. It has 1080p HD resolution with an 8x zoom. That means you can zoom in and clearly see things like faces and license plates to capture critical evidence. 

It has a built-in spotlight with color night vision, so you can keep an eye on what’s going on day and night. It’s super simple to set up and usually just takes minutes. And it has an easy-to-remove, rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t need an outlet and can go anywhere on your property. This camera has it all and it integrates with your SimpliSafe Home Security system, extending its protection to the outside. Together it makes QAQ    A    AQ   and every door, window, and room are protected, and now your property will be too. 

  To learn more about the exciting new SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, visit SIMPLISAFE dot com slash rundown. What’s more, SimpliSafe is celebrating this new camera by offering 20% off your entire new system and your first month of monitoring service FREE, when you enroll in Interactive Monitoring. Again that’s 






Barstool Rundown

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