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Tailgating Returns to Chicago & Girls Pitch Content Ideas | Stool Scenes: Chicago Ep 6

We're back for another episode of Chicago Stool Scenes. It's a good look at how the Barstool Chicago office dynamic works behind the scenes. I'm still not sure who those two girls are and jury's out if I'll ever care. But it's good to see they bring the energy levels up when they come into the office. 

Bears tailgate is back and better than ever. People are so fired up to be out in the wild. There may be conflict and controversy surrounding the Chicago Bears leadership, but there's no question about the quality of our South Lot tailgate scene. We're lucky to have this in our backyard. 

Thanks to Frank Schwindel for coming in and hanging out. He looks fantastic in Barstool Merch which is a good reminder that we have a ton of new stuff in the collection. Shop it here: 

All Gas No Brakes.