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Introducing the very first Barstool Hockey Cup. A week of kickass hockey.

Erika has been on a mission to invest in women’s hockey and build something that would bring a massive audience & spotlight to female hockey players. The time has come.

In April of 2022, we will be having 4 teams from all over the world playing at the Northwell Health Ice Center on Long Island, NY (the Islanders' Satellite Rink). Dave, Big Cat, Erika, and all our guys will be covering the event & leveraging all of the exposure from before, during, and after the Winter Olympics. It is the perfect time to make an impact.

The week-long competition will be intense, there will be a huge audience, and there's a title on the line.

From the top-down, starting with Erika, everyone at Barstool is behind this project. Our staff and our talent, and all of our hockey voices – starting with the team behind Spittin' Chiclets. The tournament will be powered by an all-women leadership team at Barstool, hoping to produce an annual event that brings more pay to the players, more exposure, more fans, and more hockey.



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