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Stool Scenes: Chicago Is LIVE

We're back again for another episode of Barstool Chicago stool scenes. Really hope you guys are enjoying this as much as we are putting it together. Been a long time coming for us to get a legit Stool Scenes going and we're finally here. Hopefully there's a lot more behind the scenes coming as we get into Bears season. My hunch and all indications say yes. 

As for KB, it's hard to explain just how much I'm going to miss this guy. One of the all time bad jobs by the Chicago media is how they presented him to the public. Guy is nothing but class and passion but instead we're lead to believe he's ambivalent towards this town. Forget that bullshit. 

Good time to remind everyone to please subscribe to our channels and platforms. If you don't, this is just a massive waste of time. Don't send me down that path. Let's stay positive heading into the weekend. Join the movement. 

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