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Crowning The #1 Bar Around Wrigley Field (Miller Lite Presents 'Da Bars' Episode #2)

Welcome back to Da Bars - my monthly video tour around Chicago showing you some of the best places to get a Miller Lite. This is our 2nd episode in what's shaping up to be a promising series. Last time we were at Will's Northwoods in Lakeview for the NBA Finals (video below). This time we're at Sluggers on Clark Street for a late August interleague matchup with the Kansas City Royals. 

Truth be told Sluggers is one of the easiest recommendations you can give around Chicago. It's objectively the best bar in Wrigleyville and there's not much room for argument. Yes there are many other great bars with their own unique story and appeal. Cornerstone gems like Nisei and Houndstooth to Murphy's and Bernies. You got sexy crowds at Old Crow and HVAC. Debauchery at Stretch and Country Club. Bachelor parties at Deuces and Casey Morans. Good food and warm service at Irish Oak and Merkles. I can go on and on. The neighborhood's loaded with amazing places that are all deserving of your time and attention. You basically can't go wrong when you spend a day in Wrigleyville. 

And even so, I can sit here and confidently say that Sluggers is the absolute best bar out of them all. It's like Alabama and college football. You can argue about Clemson. Maybe someone will listen about Ohio State. But everyone knows Alabama is the best program at the end of the day. They've got the most talented players and they're always prepared for the best competition. They can beat you in all three phases of the game. Outstanding leadership and an unmatched recruiting pitch that never quits. Alabama is by far the biggest brand in college football whether you like it or not. 

Same thing goes for Sluggers on Clark street. They can match your friendly neighborhood vibes. It's easy to get a drink. Quality kitchen with a good turnaround. Attentive service. Multiple bathrooms. Big time central air conditioning. TV's at every vantage point. Basically across the street from home plate. Outdoor patio with full service. Extra bar in the back if you want to rip shots and be negligent. Family owned and operated for 36+ years. All of this is the big time stuff and this is just the pregame vibes. 

Then there's after the game when Sluggers turns into a pseudo college bar. The dance floor fills up and shot girls start walking around. The piano bar upstairs is standing room only while other people wait 10-12 deep in each line to get into batting cages. Pop a shot balls are flying everywhere. Somebody is selling mini hot dogs. People are just handing out tall boy Miller Lites and high fiving each other out of pure adulation. The atmosphere rages from 4pm deep into the summer night and well into the early morning hours. 

You can count on that nearly every home game Thursday-Saturday from mid May through September. It's a guarantee at Sluggers. Like Mark Prior taking the mound in '03 you just know you're getting a quality start. That's walking into Sluggers before and after a Cubs game. Truly one of the more consistent and predictable things in my life. I will always love this bar. 

Up next is September where I'll be showing you my favorite NFL Sunday bar to crush Miller Lite at responsibly. Subscribe to our YouTube page so you don't miss it. 

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